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10 Life Lessons I Learned During My Personal Growth Journey [part 2]

A couple of weeks ago I shared the first five life lessons I learned during my own personal growth journey. Thank you for your wonderful feedback via email, Instagram and Facebook! I’m so happy that you found it helpful. Reading your words always lights up my heart. So, here are the next 5 lessons I learned.

Life Lesson #6: Be patient and enjoy the moment, it all will play out

YES! OMG, I wish I’d believed this earlier! I’ve spent a lot of time being worried. Worried that I’ll never find work that I love, that I should be further ahead by now, and that I don’t have what it takes. That worry cost me precious moments of joy in the present. Looking back, all the steps of my journey, all the perceived detours, have taught me SO much.

In fact, all the skills I learned along the way – such as digital marketing, business strategy, copywriting, project management – together with all the experiences I made – such as the inner work I did for myself – have equipped me to build my coaching business. The lesson here? Be patient, and keep moving. As long as you engage yourself in making new experiences and in learning, no time will be lost – ever. Looking back all the dots will connect. That’s why looking forward you must faith in that truth and enjoy the moment.

Life Lesson #7: Feel all your emotions and reflect on what they’re trying to tell you

All our emotions are here to tell us something, to point us in a direction. By stopping for a short moment and asking: „Hmm, interesting, why did this bother me so much?“ or „What exactly am I worried about here?“ we constantly get to know ourselves better and can actually act upon our inner guidance system. Let me share with you a personal example. At the beginning of my coaching career a women contacted me for a free strategy session. She was older and more successful than me. During our conversation she asked me about my experience and my training – and I got really insecure. Truth be told, I even got a little offended. Was she doubting my capabilities? Didn’t I just show her through our conversations that I am a great coach?

After the call, I felt flustered so I decided to check in with myself. What was going on, was that I was doubting my capabilities because I was intimidated by her age and success. After I discovered the truth, I already felt relieved. Knowing that I’m in control of how capable I feel, I sat down and journaled about it. I did some research on ‘how to coach people with more experience’, equipped myself with some knowledge and felt ready work with her. Taking that road forward let to a wonderful coaching relationship and served my own personal growth as a coach.

Life Lesson #8: Get your chest out and stand straight

So simple, yet so effective. By changing your physiology you change your emotions. Putting yourself in a confident pose, you’ll feel more confident. Therefore, you’ll think with more confidence and ultimately act more confidently. It’s a self-reinforcing circle and signals your brain that you’re in a state of confidence. Amy Cuddy has held a great TED Talk about the topic. There you’ll learn how you can ‘fake it until you become it’ and how a ‘power pose’ can get you the next job you’re applying for.

You can also try it out right now. Roll your shoulders back, get your chest out and sit or stand straight. Do that for 2 minutes and you’ll feel like Wonder Women!

Life Lesson #9: Use your „weaknesses“ to your advantage

This has been a true game changer for me! Some of our weaknesses are really hidden strengths that we can use to our advantage. Personally, I kept beating myself up because I didn’t meet deadlines I set for myself and my business. I told myself low intrinsic motivation is a weakness of mine. What a negative way to frame it!

After listening to Gretchen Rubin on Tim Ferriss’ podcast (episode #290), I learned that there are four different personality tendencies and I’m an obliger. That means I work great with external accountability – I never miss a deadline with a client, and I’m reliable when it comes to commitments that I have with other people. So instead of saying ‘I have low intrinsic motivation’ I reframed it to ‘I work great with external deadlines’. Then I thought about ways how I can use my newly found strengths to my advantage. Now I schedule workshops that I haven’t even prepared yet (to make sure I get everything ready and prepared when I want to). I meet my accountability partner each week and we review the goals we’ve been setting for our businesses. And I’ve been doing that with all of my perceived weaknesses.

How can you turn your weaknesses into strengths? Look what’s on the other side! If you say to yourself ‘I can’t work from home, I always start cleaning and get distracted’, where do you do your best work? Looking on the other side is where you discover some hidden strengths.

Life Lesson #10: Strive satisfied

Sometimes the media can make us believe that if you want to be successful you have to work 12 hours a day, never take holidays, work every weekend, hustle hard and grind. While I do believe in hard work, everything in life is about balance. That’s why relaxing and enjoying the moment is equally important to recharge our batteries. While I put in a lot of work into making my life’s vision a reality, I also remind myself to find pleasure in the little moments. Meditation and journaling has helped me tremendously to increase my baseline for joy.

Because happiness is found when we’re able to fully enjoy where we are right now while experiencing the feeling of being part of something bigger, continuously growing into a better version of ourselves, working towards something that we find meaningful. We need both. We need to strive satisfied.

This is it for part 2 of the ’10 Things I’ve learned during my personal growth journey’. Continue here to read the first part.

Now I’d love to know, what has been one of your most important life lessons you made on your personal growth journey?

Share it with me in the comments here or on Instagram. I’d love to go into conversation with you.

Keep becoming your best self!


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