You dream about living a life where you get up excited in the morning, knowing that you’re on your path, actively shaping your life and moving towards achieving your goals?


Because envisioning what you want is the first step to getting it. And hiring a personal coach is like pressing the accelerator of your personal development. 

It will help you to stay focused, gain clarity, boost confidence – and overall you’ll benefit from having a professionally trained and compassionate person in your life that’s helping you grow while cheering you on – at least that’s how it feels when you work with me 🙂

As a professionally trained Strategic Intervention Coach I’ll help you set and achieve your goals while giving you access to my tools, templates, workbooks, methods and habits. It’s a true investment in yourself and creating the life you want!

Find my coaching packages below. Get in touch for personalized options or payment in installments. 

Free Strategy Session – where it all starts!

First of all, let’s get to know each other!

In a free 20-min strategy session we’ll talk about you and your goals. I’ll give a three concrete action steps you can take right now to #designyourlife. And, you can ask me anything about working together.

The time is now! Let’s kick it off. It’s free, it’s no strings attached, and it’s real value to your most pressing problem right now.

  • 20 min free
  • 3 concrete action steps
  • fast and forward!
  • Price: FREE​

Single Coaching Session – 1 hour, 1 goal!

One hour for you and one of your goals. I’ll give you the time and space to talk about what’s on your mind right now.

You feel stuck with a specific private or professional decision? You’d like a boost of confidence for a challenge you’re facing? You’d like some specific advice on how to bring your freelance business one step forward?

Then let’s get together, and brainstorm the best next steps!

  • Detailed coaching protocol incl. your goals, insights we gathered and the next action steps you can take NOW!
  • Follow-up email support to check in with you
  • Clarity + Action + Support
  • Price: 117€ incl. VAT

3-Months Coaching Package – accelerate your growth!

Would you like to gain clarity on your career path, feel more confident in your abilities, kickoff or level up your freelance business, find more meaning in your day-to-day, connect more deeply to yourself or boost your productivity?

On a 3-months journey, we’ll establish clear goals – the ones that give you a sense of fulfillment and will make you feel proud. Then I’ll provide you the time, methods and space to reach your goals step-by-step while cheering you on!

  • 5h professional coaching combined with strategic intervention methods, deep empathy and humor
  • Goal setting session to set you up for success
  • Clear action plan on how to reach your goals
  • Coaching protocol after each session
  • Exclusive email support in between sessions
  • Private space for you and your dreams - here you can say and want EVERYTHING
  • Price: 537€ incl. VAT

1-Day Power Coaching – to unleash your personal power!

Working with a coach on your goals, challenges or obstacles sounds like a great idea – but your life is busy and you’d like to make a big leap NOW? Then let’s dedicate a day for your personal development where I’ll show you how to unleash your personal power!

Would you like to identify your purpose? Bring your freelance business to the next level? Overcome procrastination or gain energy, motivation and clarity on your life’s mission? 

Let’s do it – all in one day that you invest in your own growth to #designyourlife!

  • 45-min strategy session to talk about your goals beforehand
  • 5h professional coaching combined with strategic intervention methods, deep empathy and humor
  • Deep dive into your goals, what's blocking you and personal strategies you can use daily for more fulfillment
  • Extensive Coaching protocol incl. goals, insights, strategies and actions
  • 2x 20-min follow-up skype calls for the 2 months to follow
  • Private space for you and your dreams - here you can say and want EVERYTHING
  • Price: 679€ incl. VAT



I love to help young women and women who’re changing careers – and totally understand that money is a topic during these times. First, understanding how important it is to invest in oneself is an important lesson when you want to design a non-mainstream life. Second, I’m more than happy to get paid by installments.

Contact me and let’s talk about what will work for you!