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Queen, Warrior, Magician, Lover: How to connect to all sides of you

According to the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung we all carry different archetypes inside us that allow us to look at any given situation from a different perspective: The Queen (originally King), the Warrior, the Magician and the Lover.

We can use each archetypes to see any given situation from a different angle, bring us into different zones, different states, and thus have a more detached and 360 degree view to whatever challenge we’re facing.

The Queen 👑

The Queen is your source of order. If she’s a wise and just queen, your kingdom will prosper, people will cherish you. Your Queen brings harmony, stability and unites opposites. She’s selfless, and puts the wellbeing of her people above her own needs. This is our center archetype.

When we need her most: When we find ourselves in chaos or overwhelmed, we should turn to the Queen within us, and foster her energy. That usually means we’ve to protect our borders, meaning say no more often and gain clarity on our strategy. The warrior can help us there.

The Warrior ⚔️

The warrior is a powerhouse of energy. Her purpose is living with honor and loyalty to her queen. She’s not concerned about her comfort or security when it comes to reaching her goal. Her domain is the battlefield, yet when she’s a mature warrior she protects life and only destroys which is negative and harmful to the world. She always knows her limitations, and finds creative ways around them. She’s not a thinker but a doer.

When we need her most: When we’re ready to take action, to focus on the doing. Not to worry about what anybody else says, but to focus on executing the Queen’s strategy.

The Magician 🔮

The magician is the wise women, she knows all the secrets. She navigates the inner worlds, and understand the dynamics of the outer world. She’s a master of logic and the Queen’s closest advisor. She’s rational, and cool, and accesses knowledge from hidden sources. The Magician is the thinker.

When we need her most: She sees clearly in times of crisis and has the ability to look at any situation from a rational, logical and cooled down view. She can bring our ‚hot ego’ under control and can connect us to the wisdom of the universe.

The Lover ❤️

She’s a musician, poet and artist, and loves all things. She’s passionate, always wants to stay connected, and does not recognize boundaries. Our lover feels everything as herself and the source of our intuition. She’s able to read people like an open book. She doesn’t like structures that maintain separateness – and that’s why she is opposed to all other archetypes. Our lover is crucial in keeping the other archetypes energized, humane, and in touch with the ultimate purpose of love.

When we need her most: Our lover helps us to feel empathy, to look at any situation from the other person’s point of view. We can connect with our lover whenever we’re arguing with another person to look at the situation from our core – which is love.

How to use the female archetypes

Step 1: Define the situation

Define any situation that’s been troubling you and write down the core question you like to find an answer to within yourself („What should I do to feel more”, „What shall I do to not feel”, „How can I resolve this situation with..“)

Step 2: Connect to your body

Locate in your body where you feel you’re Warrior’s energy the strongest. Put your hand there.

Step 3: Let your archetype speak

Ask your warrior the question and answer with: „The warrior says..” Don’t think about it, just let the warrior speak for about 10x until she doesn’t have to add anything more. Repeat the same for the Warrior, the Magician and the Queen.

Step 4: Formulate the final strategy as the Queen

At the end, stay in the Queen and ask her for her final strategy. Complete the sentence: Based on everything I’ve heard today, we’ll move on with these 5 next action steps.

Now I’m super curious to hear what you think. I know this concept is a bit different from what I’ve shared before. Personally I’m fascinated how much stories are related to psychology.

I’d love to learn from you: What do you think about the concept? Do you like it or think it’s too woowoo?

With much love 💕



  1. Ola

    I loved this one! Thank you. I will experiment and report back! 🙂

    1. Chrissi

      Thank you Ola 🙏 ! Really glad you like it. Definitely keep me posted about your experiments. You’ve got it all inside 👑⚔️🔮❤️

  2. Nimbus Reviews

    One of the most important types of work we can can do in our growth into maturity is to identify and befriend these voices, so that they find and relax into their rightful place in what becomes an increasingly integrated psyche. Maybe we must tune some voices down, others a little up. Maybe we must make the baritone into a soprano, the bass into a tenor. Whatever voices are within us, our primary mission in life is to conduct them from being a cacophony to being a beautiful and powerful choir. Such important work requires a powerful framework, a model for teaching, learning, and living. That is why we will now dive into the deep waters of the archetypes known as King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (KWML).

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