Holistic Coaching for High Performing Women.


You’re ambitious, driven and motivated. Here to make a difference and make the most out of your life. Yet you often find yourself doubting your own abilities and strengths.
From the outside your life looks great. Great job. Great CV. Great track record. Yet on the inside, you’re high expectations are keeping you busy. Never quite good enough to be satisfied with yourself.
You have big dreams and goals for your life. Deep down you know you’re made for more. You want to be successful AND fulfilled. Yet instead of celebrating your wins and giving yourself a break, the next goal is already waiting in front of you.


The key to being a great leader for others, is to first be a great leader for yourself. It all starts within you. Clarity, Confidence and Consistency – that’s what you need in order to not only reach your goals, but also feel good along the way.

  • CLARITY: A clear vision, mission and purpose as the foundation.
  • CONFIDENCE: The belief that you have the abilities to achieve your goals.
  • CONSISTENCY: Habits and routines that help you focus in the right direction.


  • Christine Münch Leadership Coaching testimonial hy axel springer

    "My goal was to strengthen my positioning as a leader as well as my influence internally and externally. During the coaching with Christine, I always felt understood and together we've developed very individual strategies that really fit me. I'm still using the tools and methods months later."

    - Alina Jansen, Vice President, hy - the Axel Springer Consulting Group

  • Leadership Coaching Weibliche Führungskräfte Kath Wronka Testimonial Christine Muench

    I met Christine during a time where I needed guidance about my next steps - personally and professionally. Chrissi helped me to define my personal mission, identify my next steps and take action. I enjoyed every session we had. She's empathic and at the same time it's fun to talk to her. She challenged me to look at things I didn't know were holding me back. After our sessions I always felt energised and motivated. I can warmly recommend her as a coach to every women who wants to create a life that feels true to her.

    - Katharina Wronka, Founder & Customer Success Lead

  • Leadership Coaching für Frauen | Christine Münch | Testimonial Sara Kukovec

    With Christine I can talk openly & transparently about my challenges. She responds very individually to me and supports me in all areas of my life to develop my potential. In my eyes, she is not only a coach, but a companion that I warmly recommend to every woman who wants to live her life truly fulfilled and with impact. She has her own style and stays true to herself. She is honest and teaches you to recognize your strengths, strengthen them and use them as superpower in your life. Thank you Christine! I'm looking forward to the coming years with you.

    - Sara Kukovec, CEO, witura

  • Coaching für Frauen | Christine Münch | Testimonial Mareen Welke

    During our sessions we looked at my different challenges from different angles and I was able to identify solutions. If I had difficulties, she immediately had a hint as to how I could reach my goal. What I found most surprising was that she helped me identify a topic that I wasn't even aware of. I recommend Christine unreservedly as a coach for private and professional topics. She is very empathetic, remarkably creative and has extensive methodological knowledge.

    - Mareen Welke,

  • Leadership Coaching für Frauen Berlin | Christine Münch | Testimonial Maria Murnikov

    With her compassionate and insightful personality, Christine has helped me in various areas of my life. Professionally, she’s given me a noticeable boost and on a personal level, she’s helped me gain confidence and clarity. Since working with her I overall feel more structured and focused. I wholeheartedly can recommend working with her. Thank you for everything!

    - Maria Murnikov, Agency Founder & Senior Copywriter

  • Coaching für Frauen | Christine Münch ] Lisa Steinemann Testimonial

    The coaching with Christine was extremely helpful for me in a crucial professional phase. Christine asked me exactly the questions I needed - and helped me to get more clarity in my questions in a short time. Thank you very much Chrissi!

    - Lisa Steinmann, Head of Talent & Leadership, PERI

  • Führungskräfte Coaching Christine Münch Testimonial Emily Besa

    Christine is excellent at guiding me towards focusing my life goals and creating a structure and a plan to achieve them through our sessions, tailored weekly exercises, and individual actions. I always come away from our sessions with a lot of energy and clarity and I can honestly say that working with her is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself this year.

    - Emily Besa, Founder & Personal Stylist

  • Katharina Ilgner Christine Münch Leadership Coaching

    "Christine is a great leadership coach. I’m very ambitious and driven. That resulted in a high work-load, few breaks and the feeling that I never do enough. Chrissi helped me gain confidence in my abilities and to feel proud of my accomplishments. I redesigned my calendar to focus more on strategic topics that move the needle and make space for time to recharge. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I enjoy working again and also have room for other areas of my life.."

    – Katharina Ilgner, Managing Director

  • testimonials_selina_christinemuench_leadership_coaching

    "Christine is a great life coach. I came to her at a crucial time in my life when I was moving to another country and starting a new business, and she made the process so manageable. She helped me structure myself so that I felt focused and motivated throughout all the changes in my life. She is so dedicated to what she does and you can feel her passion for her work. Not only are her methods and tools incredibly helpful, but she is also a genuinely lovely person. I couldn't have asked for a better coach.."

    – Selina McCarthy, Head of Talent & Operations


Imagine a life where you feel excited about your goals, confident in your abilities and consistently take action towards your most important milestones.

In this unique 1:1 Coaching Program you’ll learn what YOU need to strive satisfied. No one-fits-all solution. No quick fixes – but sustainable results that will maintain long after our work together has finished. My goal is to help women create a life that feels as good as it looks. My view is holistic – the focus is on the whole person. Therefore, I base my coaching on two pillars:

Self Identity

  • Vision & Mission: What kind of life do I want to create for myself?
  • Building self-confidence sustainably
  • Recognize and use talents & strengths
  • Recognize needs and boundaries

Leadership Identity

  • Positioning as a leader (internal & external)

  • Clear communication of needs & boundaries

  • Prioritization & time management

  • Delegation & team management


Create a vision & mission that pulls you.
Know what your strengths are and how to best use them.
Understand what brings you energy and say goodbye to stress.
Develop a calm confidence and feel truly happy with yourself.
Confidently set boundaries and say no without feeling guilty.
Establish habits that help you get the most out of your day.
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Since 2018 I’ve been supporting high performing women in combining ambition and drive with flow and joy. Certified by the Official Coach Training School of Tony Robbins, I combine strategic coaching, positive psychology and business know-how. This creates a mix of depth, positivity and practical tools & tips.

Before starting my coaching practice, I worked as a freelance marketing consultant and content creator for tech startups in Berlin, USA and Europe.


If you scrolled until here, chances are high that we should speak! Schedule a free 30-min Discovery Call with me where we can talk about how coaching can help you reach the next level in your life – professionally and personally.

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