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Everybody is an entrepreneur. Everybody is empowered. All doors are open. We all can become YouTube stars, create the next unicorn or become another hugely followed fashion and lifestyle influencer.

Let’s just pack our laptops and go all digital nomad — open up our dropshipping store in 5 simple steps and generate some real passive income while we’re hanging out on the beach doing yoga and sipping a coconut (buy my course here — just kidding). Hell ya, that’s the life of our generation.

And it sounds too good to be true.

What’s missing is — besides the 10 steps to become rich while working 4 hours a week or the 20 hacks to be the next online rockstar (for sure!) — is the deeply needed reality check.

Being surrounded by the you can have it all— fake it until you make itmentality, we’re trying to break the rules of evolution, the rules of progress, the rules of mastery. Not because we can’t have it all, but because we want it too fast, we want to take shortcuts and we don’t want to do what it takes.

What nobody told us, our Generation Why, a generation that has plenty of everything — possibilities, gaming apps, online friends, information — finding what we’re really looking for — meaning, fulfillment, making a difference — won’t be as glamorous nor as easy as the 101 of life hacks make it seem to be.

At least not as easy as launching another app nobody needs, not as easy as creating original content by mixing five articles that have been already published about that exact same topic, and definitely not as easy as wasting hours of our life feeling important by sharing our point of view on Facebook.

Looking at how we grew up, our attitude of entitlement is born from the challenges we had to face. Both our parents working full-time so we can have what we so deeply need to fill the long hours of not knowing what to do with ourselves — the new Nintendo game, an own TV in our room, another pair of Miss Sixty jeans. That’s for one birthday — come on guys, mom and dad, that’s not too much to ask.

In return, we got zero responsibility.

In school we learned what we need — to find a job at a factory. No questions asked. While our outdated educational system failed to prepare us for life, we learned our lessons from superhero characters. By now we (might or might not) have accepted that we’re not born as an Amazon, but are still waiting for that magical letter to arrive or that bite of a radioactive spider.

In the meantime, it’s time to train the brain. Off to university. Where we learned to memorize a maximum number of facts in a short period of time. No expansion of the mind. No room for individual growth. But plenty of time to socialize. To get drunk, to go from party to party, to escape…

We crave for meaning and urge to matter, yet we don’t want to do what it takes. The hope of a quick win is strong. But false. The path of glory is not tiled with gold and sprinkled with confetti. It’s rocky, oftentimes dark, and holds plenty of obstacles we must overcome.

For a long time, nobody is standing on the sidelines cheering you on. On your way towards the bright top you’ll fall down — repeatedly. You must practice to say ‘no’ much more often then you say ‘yes’. You’ll miss out on plenty of fun, parties, dinner dates, hours of just wasting your time watching Netflix. You’ll need to leave some friends behind. You’ll fight monsters — such as pride, greed, impatience and the boss enemy — your ego.

You must say goodbye to the person you’re today to become the person you urge to be.

Yet your hero’s journey will be the journey of a lifetime. Literally. With every hard step you take — inwards and upwards — it becomes easier. You’ll start hearing a voice of comfort, a sense of calmness, a deep shiver of knowing you’re on the right path. Because you dared to change false hope for a quick win for real truth and accomplishment in the long run.

If you allow yourself to be vulnerable and let others see the struggles, the tears, the doubts and the chaos in your mind, you’ll surely meet some great allies along the way. They are the ones that help pull you up after you fall, the ones that tell you the harsh truth that first makes you cry but then allows you to see things clearly, the ones that give you a pep-talk and never stop believing in you and your capabilities.

Pssst. Can you hear it?

That voice in your mind that’s saying ‘let’s go’ right now — that’s the best version of yourself, your true potential that’s ready for you to step in your bright power and awaken the giant within.

Now it’s time to pack up and go.

With me I take a map that holds my goals with soul. A list of ten reasons why I’ll get back up and keep going even if I fall and hurt myself. Lessons from the wise women and men who climbed that beast of a mountain and reached the bright top against all odds. Carrying a deep trust, knowing, that I’ll arrive.

meditate for inner strength, put my Amazon warrior gear on, and hum the song of one of Disney’s most underestimated superstars.

/ I know every mile / Will be worth my while

Are you coming?

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