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Having a bad day? 5 steps how to trust the process

Are you having one of these days where everything just doesn’t feel right?

You might be feeling a bit anxious, worried or nervous about ALL the things on your to do list… or you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about ALL the possibilities, all the options, all the possible ways you could take.

Let me tell you, you are not alone. I know EXACTLY how that feels and for a long time I was wondering what’s wrong with me. Here I am working as a life & business coach which gives me so much pleasure and I consider to be my life’s purpose – yet on some days, I’m self-conscious about all the things I want to do, everything I haven’t done and all the opinions people might have about me.

Over time I learned that instead of fighting my emotions, I let them run through me and accept them as part of me and as part of my personal journey. No matter where you are in your journey, and no matter how glamorous, glorious and perfect some Instagram feeds might look – let me make one thing very clear: everybody has days where we don’t feel we’re in our full strength. 

After accepting this truth as important first step, I’ve created and personally tested a step-by-step process how to stay focused and on your game – even on THOSE days.

The core idea is, instead of thinking about ALL the things that could be, you should do, or people might think, you become laser-focused on the next little action you can take that will move you towards your bigger goal for the day. 

Or how Oprah puts it:

The way through the challenge is to get still and ask yourself, what is the next right move?

Here’s the 5 step process that I use whenever I’m having a bad day to keep me on my game:

Step 1: Define your top goal for the day

Instead of questioning my worth, my goals or the path I’m on, I’m getting really clear on the one thing I want to get done today.

Low energy days are NOT the days to think big, to think strategy, or to think out-of-the-box. Low energy days are the days to think small, baby-step small, and stay very much inside your box.

So ask yourself: What’s the #1 thing I want to get done today?

Step 2: Break it down into TINY steps

Take your #1 goal and break it down into tiny tiny little actions. For example:

Goal: Today I want to publish blog article xyz.

Action Steps:

  • Open up Google docs
  • Put headline on top of document
  • Gather 10 bullets on the topic
  • Write first quick & dirty outline (30 min)
  • Edit & retouch outline (30 min)
  • … you get the idea

Step 3: Focus on the NEXT tiny action

I get started, usually after I made myself a nice cup of hot tea or a glass of fresh orange juice, and solely focus on the first item on my list. When I’ve accomplished that first tiny task, I proudly move it to my ‘DONE’ list and get on with the next tiny step. And that’s basically how I move through the day.

Step 4: Kindly redirect your attention

Of course it doesn’t go as smoothly as it sounds. Sometimes my mind wanders off, I start thinking about all the other things I need to be doing as well, I might open up Instagram and compare myself to people who are further ahead, or I find myself worrying if I will ever “make it”. That’s ok. Whenever I catch myself being distracted, I kindly redirect my intention to the little tiny action step that I want to focus on.

Step 5: Love yourself, especially on THOSE days

Probably the key and most important step of the entire process. Be kind to yourself throughout the day. Take breaks, watch funny YouTube videos that make you laugh out loud, dance in your kitchen to Justin Bieber and remind yourself what a beautiful, gifted, strong, kind and compassionate human being you are! Also, place a #selflove reward at the end of the day. Maybe that’s taking a bubble bath, going to bed early to read, watching a nice movie or calling your bestie for 10 minutes.

That’s it. That’s how I trust the process on days where I feel like doubting everything. And at the end of the day, I usually look back at plenty of baby steps that I’ve taken and more often than not I’m surprised how much I accomplished by mixing focus, tiny goals and being kind to myself into one day – and that my friend is the process.

Now I’d love to hear from you, how do you go about THOSE days? What are your strategies on turning a bad day around and staying on your game? Comment below and let me know.

With SO MUCH love 💕

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