How to stay consistent

How to stay consistent and make it fun

Staying consistent… Probably one of the most mentioned strategies when it comes to achieving long-term success.

No matter if you want to get healthier, tone your body, build your own business, start a side hustle or have thriving relationships – consistency is the key behind all of those goals.

Yet, it’s something we struggle the most with. During one of my events I’ve asked the participants to share with me some other areas they’re struggling with, and 90% of the ladies checked consistency as one of their current challenges.

Why you fail to stay consistent

You had a bad week of eating and weren’t consistent with your sports routine? Or you feel you’re not where you’re with your business – and then you decide, next week is the week were you’ll start doing everything right. You create a plan – next week I’m getting up at 06:30am, go to the gym and eat clean – no sweets, no gluten, no dairy, I’m done with all that. Or you plan to get your business together – one blog post per week, I’ll start my podcast, reach out to magazines and redo my website.

If it sounds like a true story, we’ll that’s because it is one. That’s how I sabotaged myself in the past and one of the most common reasons why we fail to stay consistent. We usually want to go from half-ass to bad-ass in one week. We want it all, we want it now, we want to transform our lives starting next Monday, 06:30 am sharp.

Stay consistent – one habit at a time

As nice as it sounds to reach your ideal version of your morning routine or business strategy from one day to another, as crazy it is to think that it will work.

We humans are creatures of habits, but for that to work out the way we want it, we first must build the habit. And doesn’t happen overnight, nor all at once.

The Golden Rule: Pick one habit you like to build. Stick with it for 30-days. Make this your priority. Don’t add any other new habit to the game before you’ve completed the 30-days.

Sounds too slow for you? Well, let’s calculate. If you follow that schedule you can include 12 new habits in a year – and actually make them stick. You can start to meditate, do yoga, journal, eat clean, write your weekly blog post, save money, call your mum every 5 days, finish an online course, learn a new language – and three more (or take a break from all that great effort) – when you do it one habit at a time.

Pretty awesome, right? In addition to focusing your efforts on one habit at a time, there are 4 keys you should be thinking about when you plan to make ANY new habit stick.

The 4 keys to stay consistent

If you’re looking to improve anything in your life (and I bet you are), here are the 4 keys that will help you form a long-term habit over the course of 30 days. To help you keep track of you’re progress, you can download your progress tracker template that contains all four keys to stay consistent. Download it here for free.


It always starts with clarity! Define a clear, specific goal that you want to achieve in the next 30-days.

Doing yoga every day is too vague – do you mean also during the weekend? For how long? Where are you going to do it? There are too many open questions that will make it harder to follow through.

Make it so clear that nothing is left for you to decide: Do 15-min yoga every morning on weekdays after getting up. At home on my mat that I’ll put out in the evening before. Use the same YouTube video for first 30 days. Well there’s not much room for ambiguity (the known enemy of consistency!).

As I know you love examples, here’s another one: Publish one blog post every week becomes publish one blog post every Tuesday 08:00am. Prepare it the week before on Saturday when working from a cafe between 10-14.


Just as important as having a clearly defined goal it is to know why it is important for you. Think about it, any written goal is only that inspiring. Doing yoga every day. How motivating is that really? Does it get you out of bed? NO, if you’re anything like me it doesn’t.

That’s why it’s extra important to understand why achieving that goal is really really important for you.

Your reason why to do yoga every day could sound like this:

My body is my temple. I nurture and cherish it through my daily yoga practice. I want to feel young, flexible and flowy. Yoga helps me clear my mind, connect to my body and gives me the energy I wish to receive first thing in the morning.

Well that’s more likely to give you the drive you need to enter your mat every morning, isn’t it?


Let’s be honest. Staying consistent is not always the most pleasurable. On some days staying in bed, eating that pizza or not writing that blog article definitely sounds like the better option. So how are you convincing yourself to do it anyway? First, you define your reason why, repeat it to yourself in a moment of struggle and use the 5-second rule to do it anyway.

Then you think about the super amazing reward you’ll get for yourself after a successful 30-day strike. Need some ideas for awesome rewards? No problemo: going to the spa, buying that new dress, signing up for a paid online course you always wanted to do but thought it’s a bit pricy, weekend trip to Rome, tickets to a concert.

Go in line what makes you tick. Rule of thumb: the bigger the goal, the bigger the reward!


Track your progress! We humans LOVE checking off our to do lists, don’t we? It amazes me every time how much pleasure we get from checking off a tiny little box.

Create your progress tracker by drawing 30 boxes on a sheet of paper. Write your clearly defined goal and your reward on that sheet, hang it up, and track your progress every day. Use a fat green pen for your wins, and a big fat red pen for your fails. But attention: you’re only allowed 2 fails, otherwise you have to start over again (OUCH!). With the progress tracker you make it fun and easy, and turn consistency into a game.

Because I’m super nice, I’ve already prepared a progress tracker template for you. Download it here for free.

That’s it! Go try it out now. While I’m not perfect, this method has helped me to master consistency in a few key areas of my life, and it really has made all the difference.

Now I’d LOVE to hear from you:

What’s the most important strategy that helps you stay consistent?

Let me know in the comments below. And when you share please be specific, your comment might just help another reader to finally crack that consistency!

Thank you so much for reading.

With love 💕

P.S.: If you found that article helpful, please share it with a friend or family member who also struggles with consistency (as we all do!)? It might just make all the difference <3

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